What We Do

At Avid Maverick, we have identified core areas where organizations, no matter their size struggle require strengthening and we have competencies. With this in mind, we have developed 3 core services. These are: Web and Mobile Application Development Digital Content Development and Management Social Media Management

Web and Mobile Apps Development

Web App and Mobile Apps for every platform
Websites, Web Applications and Mobile Applications are fast becoming the major tools for organizations to communicate with a large number of people at the same time. Unlike traditional platforms, web and mobile platforms enable organizations not only pass information, but also receive feedback, offer services and study user behavior. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle with these platforms and often discover that they do not meet performance.
At Avid Maverick, we develop cutting edge scalable and cost-effective web and mobile applications for organizations.
Our team is committed to help you derive the best possible value from your platform. We also constantly monitor and evaluate these platforms to ensure they are meet key objectives and seek new opportunities that can be exploited.

Digital Brand Management

The digital media space has become one of the most effective media to reach communities and network. Unfortunately, a brand’s image could suffer if not handled strategically. We help organizations develop digital media management strategies as well as help implement these plans.

We are adept at running social media campaigns and helping brands grow followership. We constantly measure and evaluate to ensure that performance indicators are adhered to. We also analyze social media engagement to recognize strengths and manage weaknesses.

Digital Content Development

To effectively reach the right kind of audience with the right message, it is important to carefully evaluate content, tone, pitch and the medium of delivery of the message.

At Avid Maverick, we work with organizations to develop effective strategies for developing content.

Digital Content we develop include:

  • Photography: We offer all kinds of photography services including product photography, event photography, documentary photography and photo book production.
  • Videography: We also provide video coverage of events as well as produce documentaries, adverts and promo clips.
  • Animation Clips: We develop 2D and 3D animation clips.
  • Copywriting