What We Do
At Avid Maverick, we partner with development organizations to tell their impact stories. We also help development organizations solve gaps in reaching communities with change messages and catalyze positive change in communities where they work. We leverage on technology and media to amplify our the impact of our work, bridge communication challenges in communities and provide real-world tech-backed solutions to developmental challenges.

Our Mission

Bridge the divide between change-makers and communities to catalyze positive change.

Our Vision

Build capacities of development organizations to leverage technology and media to effect positive change.
Vision '26
In the next 10 years, we hope to have built the capacity of 5,000 young girls helped 1500 grassroots-focused development organizations to use media and technology to share their stories and solve local development challenges..
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Empower Women and Girls

Help 5,000 girls and young women learn digital skills with a view to achieving economic independence.

Empower 1500 communities to take action

Empower 1500 communities and vulnerable groups to take positive action and nurture development through technology.

Deploy 50 Impact Solutions

Build and deploy 50 sustainable development-focused community-impact solutions with a view to improving the lives of undeserved and disadvantages communities.